Self-Evaluation Decent Agile Project Work

Agile project management has been gaining popularity and is no longer confined to the software industry. The term refers to various approaches of project management (e.g. Scrum, Extreme Programming), which focus on team oriented and autonomous work with a better and earlier recognition of customer needs.

However, where exactly does decent agile project work come in and what are possible approaches? First of all, it is essential to define the scope of decent agile project work in order to answer this key question. Within the joint project diGAP, partners of science and industry have been working together to find out precisely what this means. Both quantitative and qualitative investigations revealed a total of 7 criteria considered essential for the implementation of decent agile project work.

The decent agile project work self-evaluation was developed with the aim of enabling practitioners and companies to access these insights.

Decent agile project work step by step

Simply answer all of the questions contained in the decent agile project work self-evaluation, either as an individual or by creating a decent agile project work self-check for your team.

Subsequently, you will get an overview of the quality of your agile project work. Based on the results, you will be able to identify exactly which areas still need adjustment or modification in order to achieve decent agile project work. In addition, the models and structuring guidelines developed by diGAP offer valuable guidance for the implementation and maintenance of decent agile project work.

Whenever the need arises, the results of the decent agile project work self-evaluation can be retrieved. Feel free to use it to monitor the success of your measures and to check their impact.

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