Step by Step to Good Agile Project Work

Welcome to the self-check

All information and background on the self-check can be found on the diGAP page Selbstcheck (in German language). The diGAP project has also developed measures that provide concrete support for the implementation of good agile work. Information and downloads can be found on the diGAP page Maßnahmen (in German language).

Here a short instruction manual for the self-check:

Simply answer all questions* of the self-check Good Agile Project Work either

  • as an individual or
  • for your team.

You will then receive an overview of the quality of your agile project work. The results show you exactly where adjustments or changes should be made in order to achieve Good Agile Project Work. In addition, the models and design recommendations developed in diGAP offer you further support to work on the implementation and maintenance of Good Agile Project Work.

Whenever you want, you can revisit your self-check results. Therefore, you can also use the diGAP self-check to monitor the success of your measures.

Here we go …

*The wording of the questions was partly based on the DGB Decent Work Index. For more information visit

Scientific development: FAU Erlangen Nürnberg. Corporate Design: Fessen+Friends.